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KINGDOMCARES Nano Ionic Cool Mist Moisturizing Facial Steamer Personal Sauna SPA Quality Salon Skin Care Cleansing Pores Clear Blackheads Acne Fat Granule Ionic Water Particles Cold Face Sprayer


  • Essential Beauty Appliance in Summer: Compared with various skincare product for after sun-burn recovery, KINGOMCARES cool mist facial steamer is an idea alternative. Nano-sized particles can directly touch all kind of skin, such as oily, acne, dry, red and itchy, which helps to relieve pain and also to eliminate swelling. Mild cool steam will clean dead cell and accelerate rejuvenation after sunburn.
  • Quick absorption and Constant Conservation: Advanced Nanotechnology is adequately used in KINGDOMCARES Cool Mist Facial Steamer. It sprays out numerous small nanometer-size particles, which absorbs tiny dust particles and bacteria from skin surface. Ultra Nano-sized particles penetrate the skin and effectively supplement moisture. Also shrink pore so that the moisture and nutrients is easily restored.
  • Deep Cleaning and Oil-Control: Control of sebum activity, regulate oil secretion, improve the greasy dirty skin, connective tissue compactness, and convergence coarse pores, prevent acne improve acne skin. Say goodbye to Chemical additive and reduce your daily hassle. No need to wipe off or clean your face after usage.
  • 360 Degree Rotated Nozzle: Conveniently moisturize your skin with 360 Degree Rotated Nozzle when you are sitting or lying. Enjoy the mist come out in any direction you desire. Humanized design reduces your daily beauty hassle. Water tank is placed inside the steamer. Easily fill water from upper inlet and let the rest of water flow out from outlet at the bottom.
  • Humanized Intelligent operation design: When the water runs low, anti-dry safety protection will automatically shut down the steamer and sound an alert so as to avoid circuit damage due to overheating of the machine. Premium materials and strict QC process guarantees product quality and safety. Sturdy package make sure the steamer is fully protected inside.

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The only official KINGDOM CARES Brand Store on Amazon. KINGDOM CARES is a subsidiary of KINGDOM. KINGDOM has been dedicating to developing, designing and manufacturing electrical beauty care products since 1999. Now it is the leader of China market for electrical skin care appliance.
1. The cool mist facial steamer can provide an efficient and healthy way to moisturize skin with full-powered and stable steam. The cool steam is generated by the vibration of ultrasonic created from the special element inside the appliance. It can break the water particles into Nano-ionic steam, which can penetrate the skin more easily. After a six-minute use, the cool steam can cool off and refresh your skin to achieve a result of after-sun repair, which is suitable for the skin care of summer.
2. It is suitable for all types of skin to unblock pores to remove dirt, oil, keratin and leftovers of makeup. After a period for using, the symptoms of blackheads, fat granule and acne can be relieved significantly.
Product Name£ºCool Mist Facial Steamer
Model Number: KC-13317
Rated Voltage: AC 110-120V
Rated Frequency: 60Hz
Package Includes:
1*Facial steamer
1* User Manual
1* Bow-knot
The following persons should not use this appliance£º
1. Women who are pregnant or in menstrual period.
2. Persons who have skin problems, skin diseases or skin injuries.
3. Persons who are insensitive to heat.
4. Persons who are recovering after operations.
5. Persons who have physical, sensory or mental disability.
6. Children and babies.



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